Spray tanning

So you want a tan? Never had one before? OMG your scared of stading in front of someone naked? Well never fear…Kylie-Ann is highly experienced at tanning and making you feel super comfortable in the process. I also come to your home OR I have a studio that you are welcome to request to use.All the Spray tanning solution that I use are streak free, non-greasy, quick drying solution giving you that all over coverage.

Link to ‘How to prepare your body to be spray tanned….’.

There are 3 different spraytans that I use:

Pure Magic, Black magics organic range 1 hr tan.

1 hr Light to medium, 2hr medium to dark, max of 3hrs.

Norvell 1 hr rapid tan, brought in from America

1hr light to medium, 2hr medium to dark, max of 3 hrs.

B Gorgeous Rapid tan, Direct from Australia, this solution has an even fade technology and is perfect for the bride or traveller wanting something extra special.

  • How do you get your SPRAY TAN?

I use a portable tent with plenty of room for you to stand in , and I have a HVLP machine that I plug in along with a bright light to give me excellent visablity.


I spray the  solution onto your skin using my HVLP machine starting from one area working my way around. We talk together to see that you are happy with the depth of color.


You have a few choices

  • you can wear an old bra and knickers
  • You can go naked for that full body coverage
  • you can go topless and wear a disposible g-string supplied by me
  • you can wear and old bikini


The Skin:

Skin replaces itself every 35 to 45 days. The epidermis layer of the skin is made of 5 layers of different cell structures. The deepest layer of the epidermis is called the Stratum Germinativum or basal layer. This layer is affected by natural or artificial UV sun tanning. The stratum Corneum, also known as the horny layer is the outermost layer of the epidermis. This is the layer that is affected by sunless tanning products.

Every day your skin naturally sheds the dead skin cells of the stratum corneum layer. This process can occur naturally through washing and drying of your skin and can be assisted by exfoliating with cosmetic products and materials such as exfoliating gloves. This is why your sunless tan will slowly fade away on average over a weekly period.

Some interesting facts:

If the first shower occurs earlier than 8 hours after the spray tan application the tan will fade in fewer days. An example of this on average:

If the first shower is withing 6 hours of the tan application, the tan may last approximately 3-5 days, depending on tan maintenance

If first shower is within 8 hours of the tan application , the tan may last approximately 5-7 days , depending on tan maintenance

If the first shower is within 10 hours or more of the tan application, this tan may last approximately 7-10 days depending on tan maintenance.’

For spray tan maintenance the following occurs on average if the first shower is within 10 hours or more following application:

If moisturiser is applied twice daily , the maximum results will be achieved, the tan could alst between 7-10 days

If moisturiser is only applied once daily, the tan could last approximately 5-7 days

If no moisturiser is applied at all, then the tan could only last approimately 3-5 days

In conclusion the rule of thumb for the best possible tan results are:

Follow the pre tan care and after tan care instructions carefully

The longer you wait before the first shower and the more moisturiser that is applied after the first shower, the longer the tan will last and the better the tan will look and fade.

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Enjoy a gorgeous and golden full body tan, all year round with Voluptuous Devine mobile nail and beauty services.