Hand and Foot treatments

It is very important to take good care of your fingernails and toe nails, not only does it give you a lovely groomed look, but it keeps our nails , hands and feet in good health.

We cater for all ages when it comes to nail treatments, from the young to the elderly.

 Beauty therapist uses Orly, and LR Cosmetics nail range.

I am more than happy to go into resthomes or elderly facilities.

Hand treatments

Fingernails cut and filed


Fingernails filed and painted


Mini manicure

Cut, filed,cuticle,solar oil, buff, base coat, colour enamel, top coat


Deluxe Manicure

Pre-soak, cuticle, cut, file, massage,solar oil, buff,base coat,colour enamel, top coat, moisturise.


Foot treatments

Toenails cut and filed


Toenails filed and painted


Mini Pedicure

Cut, filed, cuticle, moisturise,base coat, colour enamel, top coat


Deluxe pedicure

Pre-soak,cuticle,cut, file, massage, solar oil, buff, base coat, colour enamel, top coat, moisturise