My Make up work

Thank you for looking at my makeup work gallery. Makeup artistry is really where my true creative passion lies. I dream about it, I look at peoples faces and I can see what I would do… I believe that I am diverse in the styles I can create. I am able to do many different styles of makeup application from beautiful elegant bridal makeup to photoshoot quality Dramatic makeup like the picture below.

I can apply make by your typical Hand applied method and I can also use another technique through my airbrushing gun.

I encourage all my bridal and photographic clients to go with airbrushing as it gives an amazing finish. Also if you have any problems with your skin? Airbrushing is perfect to cover those little flawless we would like to really forget about. Sometimes when you have a pimple and you apply makeup on it, well it collects all around the pimple all dry etc…well with airbrushing it does not do that. It just sprays on directly on top.

I pride myself in being approachable to everyone and please know that if I can not assist I will know someone who can so please do not hesitate to ask:)

All the pictures on my website are examples of my work.


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