Having a facial not only allows your skin to be revitalised and refreshed, but it also works by removing toxins and increasing blood flow to the skin allowing new skin cells to rejuvenate, giving your complexion a lift and glow.

There are three facial treatments that are offered. The skin care range that I am currently using is called Thai skin care therapy

Recreate and maintain the natural balance, health and vitality of the skin. Indulge mind, body and senses with the exotic mix of 100% natural aromas. Energise, vitalise and protect with pure blends of carefully selected botanical extracts and essential oils. Reveal the skin’s natural radiance. No Synthetic Fragrance, Petrochemicals, Parabens, SLS or SLES.’

Mini Facial

This facial is around 25mins and consists of cleanse x2, tone, moisturise and massage


Spa facial

This  spa facial  takes around 45mins . Cleanse x2, tone, mask, massage of feet or arms and hands, décolleté and face massage, moisturise, eye cream


Deluxe Spa Facial

This is the ultimate spa facial package with brow tidy.This treatments takes around 1 hr to complete. Cleanse x2, Brow tidy, tone, mask, massage of feet or arms, décolleté and face massage, moisturise, eye cream.